Sunday, April 27, 2008

Think Th!nk - Please Help Me Get One

Due to the skyrocketing cost of gasoline it is inevitable that Americans will soon be driving a radically different kind of car. We already have the Prius, and other hybrids, and we’ll have plug-in hybrids within a few years, but all of these have one thing in common; they still use gasoline. They all have an internal combustion engine, adding to the weight, cost, and complexity of the car. The gas engine is necessary to extend the range of the vehicle. Without it the car is impractical for long trips.

I had pretty much decided to wait until 2011 or 2012 for a Chevy Volt (plug-in-hybrid) until I learned that the “Th!nk” is coming to the USA sometime next year. The Th!nk is a plug-in-electric car that can get up to 110 miles on an overnight charge, and can reach speeds of 65 mph. It doesn’t have an internal combustion engine, so long trips are impractical, but it’s perfect for my daily work commute of 64 miles. Since the wife and I both work outside of the home, we’re a two-car family by necessity. Our other car can be used for long trips.

I understand that the Th!nk will first be offered to fleets, and then to consumers in California. I’ve recently sent several email inquiries asking how I might be able to be among the first in the USA to own or evaluate a Th!nk. I expressed a desire to test the Th!nk here in the Mid-West where we have an extreme range of temperatures and driving conditions. I explained that I want to use the Th!nk for my daily work commute, evaluate it’s performance, and publish the results on my blog. I mentioned that I intend to enlarge my PV system to the extent that I’ll be able to drive entirely off of free energy from the sun.

The only response I’ve received so far was a form letter. My questions went unanswered. For that reason I’m turning to you, my readers, for help. I’m asking that you write or email those involved with Th!nk in North America on my behalf. I’m just one person, easily ignored, but I doubt that they’ll ignore a large number of requests from all parts of the globe. To make this as easy as possible, I’ve composed a sample message, and I’ve listed the email addresses of those who might be able to make this happen. Just copy and paste the email addresses into the “To” line of your “New Message” window. I’ve included my own email address so that I’ll know how many messages have been sent. Next, copy and paste the suggested subject into the “Subject” line, and then copy and paste the message into the “Message” area.

In case you prefer to contact Th!nk by mail or phone, Vicki Northrup is the North American Operations Manager. Here is the information for her:

Vicki Northrup, Operations Manager
Th!nk North America
2750 Sand Hill Road
Menlo Park, CA 94205
Direct: +1 650 561 0243
Cell: +1 650 892 5068

Let’s let them know that we’re serious about eliminating our use of fossil fuels, and we want to do it now. Thank you very much for your help.


Please send the message to the following email accounts:;;;;

Suggested Subject:

Th!nk testing in the Mid-Western USA

Suggested Message:

To Whom It May Concern:

I am a regular reader of Solar John’s blog (, and am writing at John’s request. I’ve learned that the Th!nk City car is coming to California next year, and John would like to be among the first to test it in the Mid-Western United States. Unlike Southern California, the Mid-West offers a wide range of weather extremes and road conditions, making this an ideal venue for an extended test and evaluation of the Th!nk. John’s test would include using the car for his daily 64-mile round trip work commute. Additionally, John plans to use his solar photovoltaic (PV) system to charge the car, perhaps driving it entirely off of free energy from the sun, and to publish the results on his blog. John is not involved in the Alternative Energy industry, or the Automobile industry, and therefore I expect unbiased reporting from him.

John is not asking for a hand-out, he’s willing to pay full retail price for the car if necessary. He simply wants to be among the first in North America to have the opportunity to evaluate the Th!nk. Sadly, John’s inquiries have gone unanswered. Can you please help? You need not respond to this message, but please work directly with John. You may contact him at this email address:

Thank you in advance,

(Your Name)
(Your City, State, Country)


sj said...

Thank you to all who’ve contacted Th!nk in my behalf. I truly appreciate your effort, and it has produced results. I’ve received a response from both Vicki Northrup, and Ray Lane. I’ve learned that there is no waiting list, and no deposits are being accepted. The folks at Th!nk don’t even know who their North American dealers will be at this time. A few prototypes of the Th!nk will arrive in the United States later this year, but they have already been assigned to special projects. Since those vehicles have not yet been tested to see if they meet safety standards, there is no chance that I’ll be able to get one. The good news is that many more Th!nk cars will arrive in the United States early in 2009, and production can easily be stepped up in the event that demand exceeds expectations. It seems that the best strategy for now is to just watch for press releases. I’ll continue to watch for an opportunity to be among the first to own/test a think in the U.S. and I may call on my readers again to help me make that happen. Thanks again for your support.

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