Thursday, February 08, 2007

Nothing is Sacred to Big Coal Companies

The Black Mesa coal-mining project plans to divert over a billion gallons of water every year to support a coal processing operation. That water comes from aquifers linked to Hopi sacred springs.

Sadly, our federal government fails to recognize that springs flowing on Indian land have already run dry since Peabody Coal Company began using the water. Haven’t we done enough harm to Native Americans in this country? Does the need to supply coal to a power plant justify taking their drinking water and killing their fish?

More on this can be found here:

Can’t we just do the right thing? Support renewable energy projects.


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Anonymous said...

While you're contemplating the attrocities being committed out west, don't forget about the problems in the Appalachian region:

Big Coal is bad for this country, and it's widespread. It's also unnecessary. Renewables are the answer. Too bad "W" and other crooks are lining their pockets with money from "Big Coal".