Thursday, September 21, 2006

Celebrities and Renewable Energy

I recently had the pleasure of attending a presentation by Michael Gauldin, former press secretary to Bill Clinton. When a man reaches that level of prominence I assume that he must be very smart, so I’ll pay close attention to what he has to say. Speaking to a group of Department of Interior employees, Michael provided tips for producing interesting news stories that people will want to read. One of his bullet points stated that people are always interested in the lives of celebrities. Conflict and opposing views also make for good stories. With these things in mind, here’s my attempt at writing an interesting article.

Daryl Hannah lives in a teepee…..

Willie Nelson manufactures and sells bio-diesel…..

Schwarzenegger Backs New Solar Power Plan…..

Kennedy campaigns against renewable energy project….

Cameron Diaz Saves the World…..

Pearl Jam Takes On Global Warming…..

Dave Matthews Wants to Lick Global Warming…..

Rams – Eagles in NFL’s First Climate Neutral Regular Season Game…..

So there you go. News stories that include celebrities, conflict, opposing views, and sensational headlines. At the same time all of these stories are related to alternative energy and saving the planet. This, no doubt, is my finest posting on this blog.

Solar John

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